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about US

Solabel, the music band, was originally formed by a group of musicians playing for a United Methodist church called “The Table” in Sacramento, California. The music director, Brenden Lowe, was so inspired by the amazing musicians surrounding him, that he created a new, non-religious band entity, now called Solabel, in order to give himself, and the musicians, their own platform to write and express music however they please.  

The musicians that make up Solabel, have come together from all different backgrounds and that is reflected in their music.  Jazz, blues, folk, pop, rock, bluegrass, broadway, spiritual, and so much more. There really are no words to describe it.

You just have to experience it.

Solabel now performs in theaters, concert halls, festivals, backyards, with a variety of different acts that include straight musical performance all the way up to full musical experiences with acting, improvisation, musical creation audience engagement and so much more. 

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"We can't wait to give you a unique, musical experience, filled with hope, magic, truth, love, wonder and so much more. "